Laura Bernini

My first memories of the world of wine are connected to Chianti, when as a child I used to visit my cousin Silvano who worked in the area as a farmer. He introduced me to those places – the vines interrupted by dry stone walls that define the hills, the work of the people and the magical fermentation taking place in dark, pungent wine cellars.

Danny Schuster

For me, wine is the last bastion of humanity that connects humanity with terroir, made from time, places and people. In terms of wine, the expression terroir stands for the goal and the accomplishment of the combined forces of the viticulturist and the oenologist, both driven by passion, courage and perseverance.

Andrea Paoletti

My passion for my area (Chianti Classico), for our culture, and a love of nature has created the desire to get to know wine since 1977, the year of my first harvest as a mere 20 year old agriculture student.